Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wings to Freedom WIP 2

Between the many hospital appointments this week I've been working on Wayne's face and arms. Firstly underpinning all the features and then adding in the layers of skin tones. I am happy to report that Wayne now looks healthily suntanned. There's still lots to do though.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to share with you what gliding means to Wayne. He kindly wrote the following and for me it just sums up so beautifully what this painting is all about.

Thank you Wayne

"I have always been drawn to activities that change the perspective of our world. Not long after my spinal cord injury in 1999, I chose to keep searching. While pursuing my single engine licence, I was introduced to gliding.

From that first flight I knew there would be no other sensation to parallel the freedom of motor-less flight. Navigating as does a silent bird under pillow top clouds and being silently whisked to greater heights was intoxicating. My prey was the thermal. My reward was the dizzying heights that could be achieved and the time to see the vast landscapes that I soared above. I love the challenge that gliding presents along with the ability to leave my problems as many thousands of feet below that my skills and the day will allow."



  1. When you paint skin I am always in awe.

  2. His words are very poignant!!!!!

    Your painting is looking gorgeous!!!!!