Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Commission progress

I have now finished working from the first reference photo. It was a challenge making Jim's hair spikey. I havent painted spikey hair before. I always like exploring and finding ways to meet a challenge.

Now I will start working on the puppy. As I look into his face on the ref photo I just wish I could reach out and cuddle him. He is just so adorable. I will need to think very carefully when painting him though because I need to add in the extra light from the right that was not there in the ref photo. I will also need to add some more shadowing to Elisha's hands which will be cast by the puppy. Its these sorts of things that make working from two photos a challenge but to me, its far better to have to think about this than try and guess information from a poor photo. I will post again when the painting is complete.



  1. You're making great progress and everything is looking good... I agree that multiple photos presents a challenge and can empathize... I did something similar a few years ago... with a dog, too!! :)

  2. Looking good.

    One comment though. I know the reference photo is very dark, but to me, it looks like you have lost the definition between the girls arm draped around his neck and his colour. It just looks a little strange to me.

  3. Thanks Char.

    I had to laugh at your comment JJ, Don't worry, its the photo. When I took a snap shot for some reason it made the blues day glow. I had to desaturate the blues in photoshop to get it looking as IRL but in the process it has lost the definition in this area. It is clearer in the painting.(There is a lighter strip along the edge of his collar)There are also a couple more creases in her sweater that doesnt show up in the photo too. Oh for a camera that will actually take a photo of what we can see with our eyes.