Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Waiting and Rations WIP updates

I am really enjoying my new resolution to have two works in progress at a time. While I was waiting for each layer of the background glazes to dry on the watercolour painting I could pen in some more of the labrador. Both are progressing well.

I have now finished the background for the gosling painting. I chose to use a lot of the colours that I will use when painting each gosling in my background. I wanted to create that feel of a barren landscape apart from the one small piece of vegetation growing out of a crack in some tarmac to contrast with the cute fluffy goslings themeselves and to help to convey my inner message. We are building over so much of their natural habitat maybe in the future what is conveyed in this painting could become reality.

I now get to do the fun part... bringing each of the little goslings personalities to life.

The labrador is still not finished but is progressing well too. I have added the colour to the eyes and I am pleased with the effect it creates. It seems to accentuate the soulfulness of his eyes.



  1. Your background is wonderful from one artist to another. I love the moodiness of it.

    You dog is looking so cute, I absolutely love his eyes. You go girl!

  2. What a beautiful background for the babies and your dogs eyes are so beautiful.