Friday, July 16, 2010

Updates and Exciting News!

Hi Everyone, It's been a busy and exciting couple of days for me.

I've finished the labrador drawing. I was going to call it 'Missing you' but as I have been drawing it 'Waiting' seems to fit so much better. What do you think?

I've also begun working on the little goslings in my watercolour painting 'Rations'. They are quite fiddly to do so it's taking me a while but I'm really enjoying it. I've finished the good little gosling of the group. She is sat nicely beside the food and doesn't mind sharing with others. I am now working on the other gosling who is near the food. He is a little more forceful in his endevours to have his share of the rations. I havent taken a photo of the whole painting, but cropped in on the section I am working on so you can see the little goslings themselves. I am trying very hard to convey that cute awwwww factor whilst painting them because I want this to contrast to the more serious message I am trying to convey. I hope it works.

And to my exciting news...I received a letter in the post yesterday saying my painting 'A Bleeding Heart' had been juried into this years Pennsylvania Watercolor Society International 31st Juried exhibition.

This was painted after I researched the legend of the Bleeding Heart flower. I loved the story and immediately went out into my garden, found a bleeding heart flower and used Rebecca's lovely long eye lashes as my reference. For those of you fairly new to this blog or who do not remember the story that goes with this painting here it is again.

You have to imagine that I have a Bleeding heart flower in my hand as I tell you the tale.

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess. Young men from far and near came to try to win her heart. But the princess was very vain and would have nothing to do with any of them. A young prince from a neighboring country fell deeply in love with her. She ignored him like the others, though he tried and tried to win her love. One day the prince found a pair of pretty pink rabbits at the market. At this point, I pull off the two outer pink petals and set each on it side to show the animals. He sent them to the princess thinking,"these will surely melt her heart." But the princess went right on ignoring him. Then the prince sent her a pair of beautiful earrings. Next I separate the two inner white petals and hold them up next to my ears. Still the princess would have nothing to do with him. The young prince was so heartbroken that he took his dagger and drove it into his heart. The remaining centre of the flower in my hand is shaped like an outline of a heart with a line down the centre. I hold the heart up, remove the dagger-like line, and plunge the "knife" through the heart's centre. The princess, realizing too late that she did love the prince, cried out, "My heart shall bleed for my prince forever more!" and her heart bleeds to this day.



  1. Oh, I don't know how you do it. Your work is amazing and you know just when to stop but yet are able to put in so much detail. "Waiting", I think, fits the lab perfectly and he is wonderful. Your goslings are coming a long nicely. I really like how you achieved the soft fluffy look. Congratulations on "Bleeding Heart"! The painting is fantastic and the honor is well deserved.

  2. Your work is beautiful, I love the labrador. What medium did you use for that? He (she?) is gorgeous :) And congrats on your acceptance! That's always some happy news!

  3. The gosling is gorgeous, this painting is exciting and I love the meaning behind it. My friend Marvin who lives in Singapore, says it is always good to have meaning to ones painting, his teacher a wonderful art master. I can never remember his name, I am not good remember Asian names darn it. I will find out and let you know, as this particular painting made me think of him.

    Congratulations again on being juried into the Pennsylvania show.

    I so love your pen work!!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you Vicki, JJ and Crystal

    Crystal, the drawing of the labrador is done using micron pigma pens and the eyes also have several glazes of watercolour over the top of the pen.

    JJ, thanks for the link