Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Thanks again for all your support.

I've finished the goslings. They were such fun to paint but this painting is intended as more than just a painting depicting their cute fluffy characters...

‘They paved paradise and put up a parking lot…’

is the opening line of a Joni Mitchell song.

for these young Canada geese, along with many other animals, their habitat is being destroyed as a result.

This new family of goslings are on ‘Rations’. They have found a Dandelion growing through a crack in the parking lot but it is the only piece of vegetation in the sea of tarmac.

here are some close ups of the little goslings



  1. Beautiful painting with a very thought provoking message.

  2. Your painting is very evocative!

  3. Love this Ona...wonderful composition, extraordinary detail (would have drove me nuts painting all those feathers,;))just brilliant!

  4. Thanks Vicki, JJ and Ree.

    Painting the feathers was actually not that bad. There were a lot of whites left so although I painted with my smallest brushes the goslings appeared quite quickly.