Monday, July 12, 2010

Having fun with pen and ink!

I felt in the mood for doing a pen drawing this weekend so I started this one of a labrador looking under the fence waiting for his owner to come home. I know how many times I've seen our labrador Harry waiting patiently with his head on the floor and how happy he is when his 'pack' returns.

It's still a 'work in progress' but I thought i'd post an update now so you can see. I have added in all the darkest darks and am now working on the midtones.

I have been planning my colour scheme for the painting of the geese and have spent a couple of hours today masking the whites of the goslings feathers but nothing much to show yet. I'll post an update on that one when I have done the background.



  1. Oh yes, I know that look. I always enjoy a new post from you.