Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kettlewell Traffic Jam WIP 2

so after 2 days work at the meet and another couple of hours today I have nearly finished the buildings. It has been fun altering the light direction from the reference photo and working out how this would effect each element of the architecture.

I also want to share a painting I did a couple of months ago but it had to be kept secret because we had a 'guess the painting' game at the Ontario meet. All the artists were asked to paint something related to our 'be in the mix for number 6' slogan and then last Friday evening we had to try to guess which painting was painted by which artist. I decided to paint a portrait of one of our meet artists Uschi appearing as if she was on my watercolour palette. I wanted to make her appear to be part of the paint mix so in places she was there but in other areas she just became the paint.

I will post again once the kettlewell painting is finished.



  1. Very good taste
    and sensitivity

  2. Kettlewell is looking awesome!!!!!

    I would have picked your painting, even if you hadn't shown me in advance :D I am sure Uschi loved it..