Saturday, January 30, 2010

Double Portrait WIP 4

Hi everyone

Sorry about the delay but I havent been well. I have been allowed home from hospital today for a couple of hours and managed to do a little more painting. It was good to hold a brush again. I miss the joy of creating. Most of the progress that you can see was done last weekend gradually defining the features on the mom's face. Today I have only done her sweater. There is still lots to do particularly shading on her neck and of course her hair but I have to go back to the hospital now so the painting will have to wait until I am discharged. I hope its not too long because I have an idea for the next in my orange murder mystery series and i'm really keen to get started. I think a sketch pad may well be making its way back to the hospital with me so I can try out some ideas.


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  1. Ona, I am so sorry that you haven't been well and are having to go back to the hospital again. Of course your painting is beautiful.