Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fast food FLY through!

I've finished the painting. It is 14 inches by 30 inches and is painted on arches hot press watercolour paper. Hummingbirds are such beautiful birds and I have really enjoyed painting them.

It was wonderful to be able to study closely these magical birds in their different modes of flight, to capture the movement of their wings, their delicate features and their tiny pointed beaks...

... to be able to watch them closely as they feed and capture this moment in a painting. To see the tiny droplets of the sugary solution on their beaks glistening as they catch the light.

and to marvel at how they use their wings and tails to hover and flit with such precision..



  1. WOW - I wish I had thought of doing this this way. I love hummingbirds and watch them almost every evening when I'm out on the upper deck of our house. They fly all around me.

    Great painting!!!!

    Happy Painging!


  2. In a word, no, two words. Magically beautiful!!!!!

  3. A fantastic painting, I love the detail, typical of an ornithological study, composition, soft colors, and these faded leaves , great work.

  4. Thank you Bev, JJ and FM Marrouch they are certainly very magical birds and were a lot of fun to paint. I hope James can get some more photos next year so I have an excuse to do another painting of them.