Friday, March 20, 2020

Use the arts to help you during this difficult time.

'Knock on Wood' Transparent Watercolour 24 by 13.5 inches

 At this moment in time for our own wellbeing as well as staying safe it is also important find ways to cope with the stresses of life around us. Creating this painting was my way of coping with the world news and stress caused by the COVID pandemic. I might not be able to go out much physically at the moment but luckily for me I can go anywhere in my imagination. 

This downy woodpecker is in the process of creating a self portrait. It has taken many hours pecking away at the wood to get to this stage but, as we all know, creating art is such a wonderful way to escape the stresses of life today that the time spent is invaluable not just because we end up with a finished piece of work but also because it helps to improve our own mental wellbeing while we create it. During the process you can just switch off your mind to everything else.

 I am not even sure that this master woodpecker artist is aware that he has an observer. The watching woodpecker is entranced too. Watching a master artist at work is such a thrill and is often a welcome distraction also. So whether you are the artist or the person watching them at work or even viewing a finished piece of art such as this one distract yourself and use the arts to help you relax. Hugs and love to you all and Knock on Wood you all ((((Stay Safe)))

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