Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Dance of the Falls

As we gaze at the majesty of the falls and listen to its thunderous music we certainly feel its mystic power. In the power of this moment though we can miss that fact that this thunderous cascade is made of  millions of tiny droplets of water and each of these droplets has an important message for us. If we are flexible falling will not hurt us. There is hope at the bottom of even the tallest  most powerful waterfall and although life can drag us down and at times even tip us over the edge if you embrace the experience and have courage you can move forward. There is calm at the end of even the most raging torrent and maybe you won't actually fall  because you may be lifted you up like the mist that rises from the waterfall. This is the Shamanic dance of both nature and life and is how magic happens.

Niagara Falls Transparent Watercolour 11 by 15 inches


  1. Such power. A superb painting


  2. Amazing you can really see the power and how wet you would get if you stood close by. NB