Commisioning Custom Artwork

This is so outstanding with such powerful emotion !!! Really an inspiring work and masterful strokes.
Absolutely wonderful portraits. You certainly did capture their joy and happiness in each other.
You have captured that spirit of joy. I love her eyes, "the windows of the soul", and the way you've painted them.

You are truly a brilliant artist! You not only are technically so accurate but you always manage to capture the emotion and the personality in your subject, the inner soul of the person!
The painting is wonderful and really expresses the personality.
I love it!!!!!!!! The coat, the eyes, the pose ....that's Yorkie. It is perfect!!!!!! Thank you so so so so so so much!

I hired Ona to paint a portrait of a Maltese Poodle, for one of my clients using a photo.
She had amazed me as she captured the eyes perfectly, and life like image and color on canvas.
The painting seems to come to life. Ona is a Brilliant & Wonderful Artist. 

'It's just perfect.'

Commission pieces can be drawn in pen and ink or painted in watercolour.  Sizes offered vary from 12 by 16 through 22 by 30 inches. Prices depend on the complexity of the image and type of medium used.  Complex backgrounds, or merging multiple subjects takes additional time and increases the cost. Please e mail  for a no obligation quote
For commissions I require at least one photo, minimum size 1800pixels which is relatively clear of the subject(s), but any other problems like cluttered backgrounds do not matter. If the image that captures the pose you want isn't clear I can often work from multiple photographs where one shows the pose and others supply missing detail. A short written description of the subject’s character is also appreciated as it helps me to better capture their personality.
The commissioning process - what to expect
Here’s an outline of the process from start to finish:
  • Send me one or more photographs of the subject along with a short description of the subjects character, how you would like it to look and what size and media (pen and ink, water color, mixed) you are interested in.
  • I will send you a quote and once you have agreed I will begin work on a pencil sketch of the layout.
  • I will email you a scan of the pencil sketch so that you can see the rough form of the picture and make suggestions for any changes you would like. It is important to realize that the pencil sketch is only intended to allow us to agree on the overall shape and structure of the piece - the character will come later! If necessary I can do a number of sketches to refine the composition. Each iteration of the pencil sketch will typically take between two to four days, depending on the complexity.
  • Once we have agreed on the layout of the pencil sketch I will start work on the color and/or detail. This stage can take from one to two weeks depending on size and type, and I will keep you up to date with the progress.
  • When the picture is finished I will send you a picture by email for approval, and details of the total cost including shipping options. Assuming you like the picture, I will then send an email invoice including details of how to pay (payment is through PayPal which accepts all major credit cards).
  • Once payment is received your picture will be carefully packaged and promptly shipped to you. I will send you an email to let you know that it is on its way. Most shipping options will also provide tracking and email notifications.
Prints and cards of your picture are also available
We can make prints and cards from your picture, either at the time of ordering or later!  Choose from top quality paper or canvas giclee prints in sizes up to 24 by 36 inches. Ideal gifts with a truly personal touch for family and friends.
 If you would like to commission a piece of art, or have any questions please send an email to

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