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What to expect from your tutoring package

All individually programmed tutoring is geared to your own level of experience and interests
 I am happy to work with artists of all levels of experience from the  complete beginner learning basic techniques, to intermediate students  wanting to refine techniques and onto experienced artists who wish to  improve and develop their own style.

We will be working at your own pace to suit your needs Progress and learning is individually tailored to meet your needs and other commitments. You have up to 12 months to complete the three paintings. We can work intensively and complete the course in a month or we can go slower allowing you more time to think, experiment, and digest new ideas. If you require longer than the 12 months a monthly surcharge of $20 a month will apply for any additional months.

There will be a comprehensive initial evaluation highlighting your strengths and areas for improvement Using paintings completed recently I will identify your strengths and areas  for improvement. From this initial evaluation you will be provided with  clear manageable, obtainable and measurable goals to work on in the form of an Individual  art Progress Plan (IAPP)

You will have on going support, critique, suggestions as you work through three projects  Students email progress jpgs at agreed stages of  each painting. At each stage you will receive guidelines on how to begin the process, your progress, suggestions for alterations if needed and  an evaluation of your progress towards our goal and objectives for the  course. If you really need help at any other time, let me know.

There is easy payment via PayPal using your own PayPal account or any major credit cardOnce I am notified that you would like to begin a course if I have the  available space you will be sent a PayPal invoice by e mail and once  payment is received you will be sent the course package outlining in  more detail how the course will progress. If I have no space at that  time I will put you on a waiting list and let you know the approximate  time scale until you can begin your course.

There  is an option to extend tutoring from three to six paintings at reduced  rates within one week of completion of the first three paintings. If you decide to have further tutoring after this period usual rates will  apply.The Course fee for the initial evaluation,  creation of your individual art progress plan, support and tutoring for 3 paintings is $220 Canadian dollars. If you choose to extend your course to 6 sessions the second set of three sessions you will be sent a second invoice for $195

PLEASE NOTE: Guidelines for use of artwork created during our tutoring sessions:I do not mind you selling any painting you do with me but it should be  marked on the back of both the painting and the frame that it was  created under instruction and on any web site that you place it for sale..

No artwork done with me under my instruction should be entered into ANY juried event, whether the words under instruction/ workshop is  mentioned in the entry details or not. This rule  applies to small local exhibitions, big international ones, physical  shows, online ones, or  any application for publication..

I  am happy for you to share any work created under instruction on social  media if you would like to but, as with physical workshops, it should be mentioned that it was created under instruction

Any work  that is created using techniques learnt from me but painted totally  independently by you  with no correspondence between us either while  still being tutored or at a later date can be for sale, entered in  juried shows and submitted for publications.
All artwork and information sent to me is confidential and will not be shared with anyone or placed on this website without your permission

Comments from previous Students:

"What I loved most about Ona's tutoring, is that she identified problem areas and she helped me to improve in those particular areas.  I could work at my own pace and can ask questions any time. Her explanations were clear and easy to follow and she's very patient!" Christelle (Australia)

“Watercolor painting has been a desire for most of my adult life. But studying under Ona has turned the desire into a passion.  Her patience and talent to start where you are and teach you to explore, experiment, and learn is so refreshing. We have gone back to the basics and now I have a solid foundation under me as I continue to learn the art of watercolor painting.” Donna(USA)

“I have learnt so much since I started with Ona. I enjoy her style of tutoring, She doesn’t  give you a set formula but allows you to experiment and discover things for  yourself, encouraging and offering advice where needed or  asked. My particular love is portraiture and being  able to work at my own pace has allowed me the time to improve to the extent I  have.”  Lulu (New Zealand)

"Watercolour has been my main media since I started painting a few years ago; knowing that there was so much more for me to learn, I signed up for Ona’s courses. The result has been amazing. I take more time in planning my painting, with the reference photos and the sketches, and determining a much better composition. Ona’s course has not only taught me the proper use of particular colours, but to use the particular property of a colour to the benefit of the painting (opacity, transparency, granulation). Ona’s method of teaching provides information and guidance to get ME moving, on my own, and to think for myself in regards to what I want the painting to convey as far as story and emotion. My paintings now have a life of their own, and I am much more confident when approaching starting other work and much less trepidation, using the knowledge and skills that Ona has imparted on me in this course!" Elizabeth (Canada)

To apply please send an e mail to ona@onak.ca 

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