Sunday, January 15, 2017

Storytime WIP 1

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin....

I have been working on this background for the last week. What you see is only a section of what will be a much larger painting but as I was working on it today the picture I could see made me smile.

 I wanted to create the feeling of a book illustration for the background in what will be a double portrait of one child reading a book to another younger child. It appears though that two of the dragons I have painted in the background have other ideas and want more of a key role in my story! Maybe the plot or illustrations in the book the child is holding have captured their interest too.

I often use a piece of foamcore to cover the area I am not working on to keep the paper clean while I paint. As I stopped for a break today I realised  that the foamcore was covering the area they are all looking at. It made me smile because the two dragons and the child look as if they can see behind the foamcore but we can't so at the moment the story is their secret. I will have to keep painting so you can all be part of and enjoy the tale too won't I. Until I do any guesses what the story the child is reading might be???