Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Huggable Art!

I am super excited to announce that 4 of my Ted paintings, Comfort-Ted, Tessellate-Ted, Extricate-Ted and Caffeinate-Ted along with Giocoso are now being printed on super soft, cuddly, velveteen pillow covers.  They are SO huggable.

 Click here https://artofwhere.com/artists/ona-kingdon-cspwc-twsa to find out more about them. The link takes you to my store page on 'Art of Where' where you can order directly from them. At the time of ordering you can choose from a selection of colours for the reverse side of the cushion or opt to have the image printed on both sides. The picture above is just to give you some ideas.

I hope they will make awesome holiday gifts for family, friends or as a treat for yourself.