Tuesday, July 28, 2015

WIP Love makes the world go round

I am going with an old time theme for my next music series painting. My inspiration is the 1966 song by Deon Jackson 'Love makes the world go round'. Of course back in 1966 people listened to their music on a record player so I wanted to encorporate a suggestion of one into my background. I thought it would be a fun 'stage' for my dancers to perform on as well as mirroring their spinning movement.

This is just a quick photo of my progress. The colours are not totally accurate and the graduation of colour in the real painting looks much smoother but hopefully the photo will give you an idea of my progress so far.

 Tomorrow I will start working on the dancers in the painting.  It will be a challenge to capture the sense of movement in their clothing.



  1. What an awesome idea for your background. I can almost feel the record spinning around.