Thursday, November 13, 2014

Harry's in print!

My copy of Strokes of Genius 6: The Best of Drawing hardback book arrived in the mail today. Of course my now famous pup Harry had to have first look.

 He was so pleased that he is right at the begining of the book right opposite Rachel's introduction because turning the pages with his paws was quite tricky (grin). After finding page 7 and admiring the drawing of himself he had to read what I had written about him. He liked the bit best about him having a soulful expression. He does do this expression so well don't you think?

Hope you enjoy the photo's. If you would like to order your own copy of this book or Splash 15: The Best of Watercolor both are now available in bookstores or directly through North Light Books



  1. He is gorgeous! How did you get him to read the book?


  2. Oh Elizabeth, I trained him from an early age to appreciate art so he immendiately looked when I showed him the book. Oh ok, a new book smells like a new book and Harry just had to have a sniff. I admit though, it does look like he is reading it (grin)