Thursday, August 14, 2014

Progress and news

Long hair takes such an age to dry. It blows around lots when you are hairdrying it too :)

Ok,  I was just drying the section of hair which will be behind the floaty chiffon and thought you would like to see my progress as I see it when I am painting. I only rarely have the painting the right way up. I tend to tip and turn it according to what I am working on and whether I need the paint to stay roughly in one place or flow in a particular direction. It looks just like the hairdryer is blowing the hair doesn't it :)

For those of you  are relatively local to me that live around Richmond Hill I also wanted to let you know that I will be painting at the new Lake Wilcox Park opening on saturday. Look for the ducks and you will find me there. 

The promenade opening celebrations will be from 11am-3pm.  Lake Wilcox park is a beautiful park right on the shores of the lake. You can park in the north parking lot via Olde Bayview Avenue (Off North Lake Road) Richmond Hill. Hope to see you there. 


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  1. Great photo! I wish I lived close enought o watch you paint