Friday, April 25, 2014

Recollect_Ted WIP 2

It has been so enjoyable bringing the first of these two old Teds to life in the painting. He is full of so much love and knows so many stories.

The worn fur on his face, the hand sewn eyes and nose and the knitted areas on the rest of his body to me all tell a story of the cuddles he has received and the places he has been with Linda. He has travelled well being adopted in Ireland and then travelling over to Canada with Linda when she was small. He also had a trip back again to visit family. I would love to be able to hear his thoughts as he looks at the old photo.

Do you have any stories about your old Teds?



  1. Once when i was small i left my bear on a park bench while my dad bought me an icecream and a dog thought it was a new toy but luckily he liked icecream so we did a trade.

    I love the way the painting is progressing

  2. What a lucky dog. I bet he didn't mind the trade