Sunday, March 30, 2014

Book Cover Project WIP 3

I managed to reach the end of the row of buildings  that will form the backdrop to the main focal points of each side of the cover today (just the roof section of the final building to complete). I also painted in the tiny geese and the hawk. Each bird is only about an inch in size so I used my miniature brushes to paint them.

The lighting on or in my buildings has been done to subtly show time passing through the day.  Dawn is to the left over the Oak Ridges Moraine. As you get near the centre of the painting we are moving towards the middle of the day and then as you reach the appartment building on the right hand side of the painting it is early evening.

I have now masked out the people on the left hand side so that I can block out the base colour on this section next as I have done with the road.



  1. I am really enjoying watching this one develop