Saturday, December 28, 2013

A sneak peak at some new works in progress

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season. I have been having a lovely time watching the snow falling while curling up on the sofa in front of a lovely warm fire.

I have been painting a little but my progress is very slow. I started this painting back at the end of November and have only managed to finish the background so far. Still, I'm thinking least I have my first painting of the new year well on its way  :) Can you guess what my subject is going to be doing?

 I know many people like to read a book to relax, but I enjoy curling up or lying on the sofa and drawing with my pens. I can happily spend several hours a day drawing with my faithful furry friends beside me or at my feet. I just love the way Harry plops himself down sometimes watching me with his chin between his paws and back legs sprawled out behind him.  I couldn't resist using him as my subject again.

Drawing in pen really forces you to think so much about values and use them to build shape and form. Its such a fabulous way of developing an eye for value. Harry's fur is black but in some lighting conditions you can get wonderful contrasts in value as the sun, moon or other strong lighting source creates highlights and casts shadows on his shiny fur. I had great fun developing the shape and form of his velvety ear and the coarse hair on his paw this way. As you can see I still have a fair way to go on this drawing but I am really looking forward to developing Harry's facial features next... that cold wet nose and those oh so longing eyes.

So which do you think I will finish first, drawing or painting?



  1. I love the feeling of light you have created in the painting. I cant wait to see it finished but i will be patient. The drawing is gorgeous already


  2. I think you will finish the drawing first. Harry is such a wonderful subject.

  3. He is a blacksmith Lilian but i havent decided yet. In the ref photo he is just making a nail but i might change it to a horseshoe for the painting

    I am not sure JJ. I have really enjoyed starting to paint the face of the blacksmith today and unlike when i was just doing the background i cant seem to swap between the two now so easily. Maybe Harry will persuade me :)