Tuesday, August 27, 2013

'A Stitch in Time' WIP 2

I've now basically finished the background part of the painting. I might need to adjust the values a little on the right hand side once I have painted the portrait section but for now I'm happy.

The whole of the background is painted using only 5 colours (sepia, Perm rose, brown madder,  raw umber and a touch of French Ultramarine blue). I wanted the clock part of the background to be visible but not to overwhelm the painting so have kept the values fairly similar in this section.  I have included much more contrast in values in the face or middle section of the clock as I want the viewers attention to be drawn from my main subject Andrea and into this part of the painting.  I hope it works.



  1. Your work it´s really amazing, congratulation.

  2. I love how your backgrounds often tell a story. Its so visually interesting