Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rhythm 'n' blues WIP1

I'm working on a portrait at the moment of my husband James. I've painted my children several times but James mostly likes to hide behind the camera so until recently I didn't have a photo to work from. I must say its far easier when James can help me with the reference photo from behind the camera instead of in front but we managed.

James has always loved music,  it was also through music that we both met so it seemed fitting to paint him with a musical theme. I am still working on his beard and have a lot of work on to do on his hair but his face is beginning to take shape...and yes I do use a tiny brush for a lot of the detail.

The painting is still in its early stages and the camera is struggling a bit with the blues and lylacs in the background.  Hopefully it will get easier to get a good photo as more colour and detail gets added.



  1. Its like he is coming to life on the paper


  2. Another masterpiece in the making Ona xxxxxxx

  3. It looks good already. That' s a really beautiful photo of you, Ona:)