Monday, April 22, 2013

Caffeinate-Ted WIP

 So how many times have you stayed up late to cram for a test the following day or to finish that painting that is calling to you and by 2am when adrenaline alone won't keep those eyes open you resort to a caffeine fix? This is the idea behind the next Ted painting that I am working on. 

I have been developing the scene over the last week, building up the glazes on the background and the table, to create that dim late night feel. Now I am starting to paint in the items on the table. There are plenty of books of course and plenty of coffee beans too.

 Can you guess what else is still left to paint?



  1. I love how you have done the background and the colours you have used. Can't wait to see this one finished


  2. Left to paint? The bear of course, coffee cup, book and lamp.