Sunday, January 27, 2013

Incriminate-Ted WIP 3

Thank you so much for all your ideas for statements. I have had a so much fun reading them.

I am now working on Ted's fur. It will take me a while as Ted is quite big but I thought you might enjoy seeing him begin to take shape. The photo isnt a good one colour wise but I am pleased with how the actual painting is progressing and I just love the distorted perspective. The shiny parts on his face are just the masking fluid protecting what will be maple syrup.

The fur is not difficult to do just time consuming so I will probably be four or five days before my furry suspect is finished. Until then you have plenty of time to decide if he really is guilty or not.



  1. Your talent continues to amaze me. Your skills and imagination combine to make you one formidable artist!! I am SO happy to see you advancing your reputation with this continuation of the Ted series!

  2. He was framed! You only have to look in his cute eyes to see he is innocent!

    This is so beautiful, Ona! The syrup is so realistic that I think people will touch it to see if it's sticky ... or to taste it:) I love the blue in the background and I wonder how you did the writing? Just amazing:)

  3. I agree with what hap and Christelle have said! I'd love to see a video of you doing one of your fur babies Ona.

  4. So so cute. He couldn't have done it.
    You have done it again. Such talent.

  5. Thank you all

    Christelle. I did the writing right at the start with a small brush and then did the background washes over the top.

    Sometime this year Pene :)

    Looks like we have three inncocents and one guilty so far :)

  6. Love your Ted! Such a great work. Looking forward to see the finished painting.