Sunday, September 9, 2012

Which way is which???

Disorienta-Ted WIP1

Ever had days when you feel like life is just too confusing? like you aren't sure what is going to happen next?

 I think we have all had these days... moments when you feel like even the basic things in life should not be taken for granted. You take a step forward and are just thankful that the floor is still there beneath your feet. These days, although hard, teach us to value the simple little things that too often we take for granted.

 But what if the floor isnt where you think it is! I thought this would be such a fun idea to explore in  my next -Ted themed painting. 

Poor Disorientat-Ted is more than a little confused and, believe me,  he wasn't the only one as I tried to wrap my brain around the changes in perspective I needed to create for my outline to work. 

 Maybe you can help Ted out. Look closely at my outline and see you you can work it out...He is being lifted up in the air isn't he???.... but wait a moment.... why is there a hot air balloon going up sideways? and aren't the windows on the wall sideways too?

maybe he is being held this way up instead?

...but then... eeek!he would fall right into the open window in a vertical wall!!! No wonder he is looking more than a little shocked..that just can't be right!

playing with single point perspective doesnt have to be boring :)

I have actually used three different angles of perspective for this painting, each of which morph into the other.

 Sorry about the lack of contrast in these photos. My pencil markings are very light so I have to reduce the contrast in them to get the image to show up for you at all. Hopefully you will discover more of the quirkiness of this painting as I begin to add the colour :) Just remember which way is up and where the floor is in reality.... I don't want YOU falling over while to try to work out which way is up in the painting!



  1. very clever, almost Escheresk!


  2. I'm dizzy with anticipation Ona!! Lol

  3. I fear I'm too dizzy to figure this out but I can't wait to see.

  4. What would be the result? I'm getting so excited. I'll keep on visiting your blog. I'll follow... LOL keep it up!