Sunday, June 17, 2012

TWSA Celebration Day!

  I have had such a wonderful time meeting so many amazing artists here in Kenosha at the TWSA celebration. To be able to see such magnificant paintings in person and be able talk to artists such as John Salminen, my fellow Canadian Harold Allanson, Robin Berry, Ken Call, Cheng-Khee Chee,  Lennox Wallace, Debbie Rankin, Joe Garcia and Donna Jill Witty and Kelly Kane Editor of Watercolor Artist magazine to name just a few was inspiring to put it mildly.

I also had the chance to spend some time with a few of my art Colony friends, Chris Beck Mary Jansen and Kaaren Oreck. Chris and Kaaren had paintings in the exhibition aswell.

 I spent a couple of hours just looking around the exhibition with  Mary, Kaaren and Chris and chatting to the public. Its always such a pleasure to just listen to their comments about the paintings.

To receive the John Singer Sargent award from Jill Witty at the celebration dinner yesterday evening topped off a wonderful day.



  1. Hello Ona:) Congratulations on your award. You derserve it for such beautiful art. I'm a great lover of your art!

  2. It is awesome that your skills and creative imagination are finally being recognized outside the group of your friends for the treasures that they are! Congratulations on your achievement and congratulations to us for knowing you were bound for fame earlier than most! ;-) Unfortunately I did not get to buy an Ona original before the rise to fame and now I can't afford one! (grin)

  3. So exciting Ona. You go girl. I am so very proud of you and how far you have come! xx

  4. Glad you had fun! Paintings look good. :)

  5. What a pleasure to even be a small part of your life Ona (((((huggles)))) I love your outfit....they are my colours :)