Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's Competition Time!

I've now finished painting all the teddies so I just have the one mystery 'teddy impersonator' left to paint. My Ted 'models'  gathered round this evening for another look at my progress. Your challenge is to let me know what each of them is saying. Imagine each has a speech bubble.... what would you write inside?

The person whose ideas make me laugh the most will win one of my small -Ted themed giclee prints.... how's that for an incentive to have a go :)

The competition will run here on my blog, on the Art Colony blog and on my Facebook page. Just add a comment with your ideas to any of these or e mail me at ona@onak.ca. I will announce the winner at the weekend.

A special thanks to Gill for the idea.



  1. Far right. No dear..I don't think it IS Paddington.

  2. 'just look at what Ona's crea-Ted!'


  3. Shipbroker said:-

    Which baby bear hasn't been eating his porridge?

  4. So... when WILL his fur grow in?

  5. look just by his left ere, see its a bear spot!

  6. Thank for all your super ideas. I've had many a giggle while reading through them :)