Sunday, April 15, 2012

Time Warp WIP 5

I haven't got nearly as much as I had hoped painted this week, It's been a tough week and events just conspired against me, but at least I have made some progress.

As you can see, I have finished the 5 faces and am now working my way back out the spiral painting in the hair and clothing.

I wanted the  smallest face almost to merge into the clock mechanisms... sort of symbolic of the way our memories merge into one another and become less clear the longer ago it was, so as well as using the same colour palette that I used for the cogs I also added in a light wash of Burnt umber/ um blue mix over both the young child and the cogs to help recede them both. The next youngest is painted using the same clock colours that I used for the first but with a little more detail and I have tried to create the appearance of his arm just beginning to come out of the clock workings. My aim is to gradually develop this idea more as I finish the next two portraits by increasing the colour in the clothing and adding in more detail too... they are still part of the passage of time but clearer and more well defined as the spiral moves closer to now.



  1. Fascinating!

  2. This may very well be your best work! I sure hope you'll keep this one... it'll certainly be a family heirloom.

  3. Oh but Char, the best is always the next one ;) Thats what makes you want to keep painting. I think Meh! is the one Alex likes best