Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Flyers for Juried show and Finished Commission

Here is the flyer for our local watercolour society juried show. Its very exciting to see them. Do you recognise the painting on the front? It's great to see one of my paintings put to such a good use :)

I also finished painting a small commission this morning. Its a challenge to be able to create something that you know will be so cherished but at the same time something that you are not emotionally attached to as an artist. When I paint my children or my dogs or someone I know, so much emotion goes into the painting...I really do paint from the heart not the hand, but when I paint for a client I try instead to paint from their heart. It is their vision and feelings that I try to convey from what they tell me about the animal or person and what I can see from the reference photos.

This is a small gallery wrap of a dog called Zoe. She is 20 years old now. I wanted to capture her love for her owner. Eyes truly are the window to the soul. Zoe's eyes might be clouded with age but to me they show such unconditional love but at the same time that young spirit at heart who still wants to play.



  1. What a thrill for you Ona....and so well deserved.
    Your latest commission is an absolute stunner!

  2. Super flyers, and absolutely gorgeous doggy! I believe this is your best yet. She is absolutely adorable!!