Tuesday, August 23, 2011


 As you can see I've finally finished the painting. I'm glad I perservered now... not only did I get lots of practice painting yellow petals which I needed I've also got the idea on paper as I had imagined it. They say the best things are worth waiting for. Hopefully this means this is a good one :) It was certainly an exercise in sheer determination as well as a learning curve in painting petals.

Just as the sunflower seems to relish the sunshine, most of us also enjoy being outside on a sunny day, it just seems to brighten up our spirits as we soak up its warmth. While many of us are content just to walk around or enjoy our garden in the sunshine, I was fascinated by others who seem to seek out and for hours bask in the sun's rays. It almost feels like they are sun worshipping just as the sunflower does, placing their bodies in its rays, following it's movements as the hours progress, and basking in its heat. This was the inspiration behind this painting.