Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Steel Drummer Wip 4

 Since, after painting his face, I had the skin colours all over my palette I decided to paint the musicians hand next. I had to change the lighting again from the ref photo because I want to create that feeling of reflected light from the pan shining up on his hand.

I also painted his sunglasses while I was waiting for the layers of paint to dry on his hand and finally the stick he is holding. Again I have changed the lighting on both. The sunglasses I made lighter on the bottom section as the reflected light from the pan would do this. I also did this to the stick too and changed the colour. I researched stick colours to make sure I got an authentic one :) I wanted it to be brighter than the wood one in the photo because it will help draw our eye there.

 Today I've been busy painting the musicians shirt. It  wasn't hard, just time consuming. I am really enjoying creating that glow of reflected light coming up from the inside of the shiny steel pan though. I still have quite a bit of his shirt to paint but here is a close up of my progress so far.



  1. I just love the colours in his shirt. They just seem to glow from the light reflected off the pan. Thats so cool! Thanks for the close up


  2. I have just seen some of your work on Facebook & I am so impressed. I do watercolor paintings too of people. Not nearly as well as you.
    Enjoy your work immensely.

  3. I'm staying tuned to this one Ona, as I like to see the progress made from photo to photo. He is looking just great.

  4. You are welcome Elizabeth

    Thank you Marilyn. Good to meet you

    Thank you too Ann

  5. nice work...
    i like the colors, the expression on his face, the shirt, the composition and everything about this painting...