Friday, July 8, 2011

Steel Drummer WIP 2

I have now finished the background for this painting. I chose to create this macro steel pan background to accentuate the feeling of being 'in' the music. The painting, to me, is not about the people who were watching him but the man's  involvment in the music and his obvious love of the instrument and the sounds it can create. I have very carefully created the lightest area around his hand and the drum rather than his face because this is where I want the centre of interest to be. Everything else stems from the hand creating the sound. I also positioned the circles knocked into the drum which demarcate the various notes so that the circles also lead in towards my centre of interest. Now I get to begin the really fun part of bringing the musician to life.



  1. I love the effect!


  2. yes, I'm pretty pleased with it too. Thank you Kathy.