Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Commissions are GO!

I have not one but two commissions to complete over the next month. I have finalised details with the clients and am now almost ready to paint.The first is going to be a gallery wrapped watercolour of a local school. I am hoping to create an evening feel with the light in the entrance way and the sun setting behind the building. This is my intial outline which has just met with approval today so tomorrow it will be drawn out on the watercolour paper and then stretched over 12 by 16 stretcher bars.

 The second commission has been stretched today onto a board ready for painting.  It is 18 by 26 inches and  is going to be varnished when finished so it can be framed without glass. The pencil marks at this stage are very light so I have had to increase the contrast for you to see the outline but there is a lot more detail here than in my initial drawing which is why I have chosen to show you this one. 

 Two very different paintings both of which will definitely keep me quiet over the next few weeks.



  1. looking forward to seeing both of them develop.


  2. Lovely work on the school painting. I like the atmosphere you created and the soft look.