Friday, April 29, 2011

Individual Online Art Tutoring!

I am really excited to be able to announce that I am now offering online individually programmed Art Tutoring that is especially geared to your own level of experience and interests. It seemed only natural that I should combine my love of art with my second love teaching. 

I am happy to work with artists of all levels of experience from a beginner learning basic techniques, to intermediate students wanting to refine techniques and onto experienced artists who wish to improve and develop their own style.  

We will be working at your own pace to suit your needs.   

 Although there is a time frame of 12 weeks to complete the course, within this time frame progress and learning is individually tailored to meet your needs and other commitments. We can go at a pace to suit you. We can work intensively and complete the course in a month or we can go slower allowing you more time to think, experiment, and digest new ideas or fit around your other commitments..

We will use subjects/ references that interest you and have been chosen by you.  

You will be asked to choose and send 6 ref photos that you are interested in painting. Together we will then choose three of these that would be most beneficial for us to work on together.      

There will be a comprehensive initial evaluation highlighting your strengths and areas for improvement. 

Using paintings completed recently I will identify your strengths and areas for improvement. From this initial evaluation you will be provided with clear manageable, obtainable and measurable goals to work on in the form of an Individual art Progress Plan (IAPP)

You will have on going support, critique, suggestions as you work through three projects. 

 Students email progress jpgs or send photographs by post at 4 stages of each painting, the initial outline, 2 stages during progress of the painting and the finished painting. At each stage you will receive guidelines on how to begin the process, your progress, suggestions for alterations if needed and an evaluation of your progress towards our goal and objectives for the course. If you really need help at any other time, let me know.
You have the choice of preferred method of communication between us.

You can choose between e mail communications or by regular mail. There is also the option of communication by phone at an agreed time with either of these options if you live in Canada or the US or have skype. The initial evaluation will be completed within 4 days. . All other e mails/ letters will be answered within 48 hours unless public or personal holiday or illness.

There is easy payment via paypal using your own paypal account or any major credit card.

Once I am notified that you would like to begin a course if I have the available space you will be sent a paypal invoice by e mail and once payment is received you will be sent the course package outlining in more detail how the course will progress. If I have no space at that time I will put you on a waiting list and let you know the approximate time scale until you can begin your course.

You will receive a signed certificate upon completion of the course.

This will be sent by regular mail to the mailing address you provide

For information on tuition fees and details on how to apply please click on this link to the on line tutoring page of my website and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

I have updated my profile, if you want to know more about my teaching qualifications and experience in both art and teaching.