Friday, December 10, 2010

Love is a Glass Rose

Remember those glass roses?

They are so simple and yet so beautiful, so full of symbolic meaning and yet so delicate and fragile.

Roses have held meaning for us since the dawn of time. Their petals and fragrance almost seem intertwined with our history.  No other flower has been so affectionately held in our hearts.  It is the flower of love and is used to convey the many emotions we have for each other.

so to the glass roses...

I couldn't help but draw a parallel between these stunning and yet fragile glass roses and our relationships with each other. Both are so beautiful when intact and healthy and yet both can so easily be broken by a simple mistake. Our love for each other is a glass rose. If you don't handle it with care and compassion it may break. The thorns and shafts of glass may wound you just as the hurt can wound you in a broken relationship. If you drop it, it will never be the same. A piece is broken and will never be whole again. This is the idea behind my next painting.

I wanted to keep this really simple... the less is more approach, using lighting and colour to create mood. It's going to be a big painting, 22 by 34 inches. For the first time I have stretched the paper and taped it to the board while wet. Hoepfully this will avoid buckling as I glaze in the background washes so I can create a smoother effect. Today I have masked the rose itself and the broken leaf so I can work on the background without worry. Now to begin the first few washes.



  1. Your work is so imspiring and I always enjoy seeing you start on a new work.

  2. there Ona, there...your concept behind the glass rose. Oh how do I appreciate your work and elevate it to an even higher level when you stroke not just the work, but the words that caused it to be created in the beginning. How very fragile our relationships in life.

  3. Thanks Vicki

    Sonya, I'm thankful every day that I have such a loving and supportive husband. Unfortunatley I know many who aren't as lucky as me.