Saturday, November 20, 2010

New paper test

I've been testing out a new paper for printing watercolor reproductions, Elegance Velvet from Breathing Color.

First there was the test chart for creating a custom color profile...

Then there were a series of test strips to see how the paper behaved with different images. But you never really get the feel for a paper until you start printing full prints, so tonight I did a 16x20 from Ona's "A Child's Delight"

I've angled the paper to the light to emphasize the texture in the paper, under most lighting it's far less obvious. Here's a close-up

So how does the new paper compare to our existing favorite, Somerset Velvet? Color and detail seem very similar. Elegance has slightly more texture, but both are lightly textured on the scale of traditional watercolor papers. The biggest difference is that Elegance is a noticeably heavier weight paper, although this isn't of much significance once the print is matted and framed.

Which is where this one is now, and hanging on the wall for Christmas. I guess that makes it a successful test :)



  1. Hi JJ,

    I think we'll offer both papers and artists can choose which they prefer. I'm looking forward to trying another BC paper which offers more texture - good for reproducing works on cold press at full size.