Thursday, July 8, 2010

Homecoming close ups and the next idea for a painting!

Thank you for all your lovely comments about the Kettlewell painting. A couple of you have e mailed asking if I could post some close ups so here they are:

firstly of the shepherds and their sheep

and secondly of Blue Bell Inn.

I am so glad that the relaxed feeling comes across in the painting. Creating an atmosphere is a large part of what I enjoy most when painting landscapes.

A few of you also wanted to know more about the village itself so if you are interested click on this link to find out more.

I'm thinking about my next painting already. Well actually I'm already beginning to draw out the outline. Its a change of subject matter once more. We took some photos recently of a group of Canadian geese youngsters and they each had such wonderful characters I just have to paint them. So, I am going for a cutsie painting of the baby goslings but with a very serious twist to it. There are just a couple of blades of grass left, poking through a tarmac'd path, symbolizing human's destruction of habitat.

I have drawn out the goslings. You will have to imagine the remaining blades of grass in the area of the middle two goslings. I am now thinking about the background. I plan to keep it fairly plain except in the area where the last remaining blades of grass are. I am really looking forward to developing the characters and feelings of each of the little goslings over the coming weeks.



  1. Thanks for the close ups. Either one of them would make a lovely painting on their own. Looking forward to watching the progress on your new one!