Monday, May 18, 2009

Lab adore WIP 2

Thank you for all your lovely comments by e mail and here on the blog. I had hoped to have the the leafy background finished by today but the lovely weather tempted me outside into the garden this afternoon. For those of you wanting to know the size of the painting and what paper I am using it is about 23 by 17 inches and I am using Arches hot press 140gram paper. I love the smooth texture of the hot press paper. It is lovely to work on if you want to put detail in and is also my personal preference when I am painting portraits as it gives a lovely smooth appearance to the skin.

To paint the leaves I am using a combination of sap green, hookers green, Burnt sienna, raw sienna, cadmium orange, brown madder and caput mortum. Hopefully I will finish them over the next couple of days.


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