Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another portrait in progress!

I haven't talked about how my paintings evolve from my original ideas for a while so I thought with my next painting I would share my journey with you.

My daughter recently pointed out to me that I have now finished several paintings using photo's of her brother as a baby as references but none of him now as a teenager and that lots of you might think she has a younger brother and not an older one. I thought I'd better rectify this. My son is very fond of our older Labrador Harry, as Harry is of him. Being a typical Labrador though, Harry is also extremely food orientated and frequently gets himself in trouble because of his food obsession. We often joke telling people that Harry is on a strict seafood diet... see food ... eat it. I thought this would be a fun dual concept to play with. In my painting I want to convey the closeness between Harry and my son. But what is it exactly that Harry our Lab adores most?

From the drool I am guessing that maybe he has spotted a burger cooking on the BBQ or maybe even a plate of pancakes and ice cream with some maple syrup drizzled over the top. From the smile on his face I think our son knows what Harry has spotted too. He knows him too well.

I hope you can make out the outline well enough. It is extremely difficult to get a good photo of a faint pencil outline so apologies if it's a bit grey. I will post an update in a couple of days when I have painted the background. I hope you will enjoy following along as this one is painted.

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